Black Diamond

Black Diamond

Diamonds bring to mind the image of a sparkling, clear, transparent, colourless stone. But the world of diamond is not limited to the sparkling gem we always go gaga about. It goes much beyond that. Needless to say the world of diamond is richly adorned. Apart from the very popular colourless and sparkling stones, diamonds can be found in many other fascinating and vibrant colours. They include, among a bevy of other colours, the colour black. Black diamonds stand out from all the others owing to their opaque nature and black colour-black as the night sky. They are also known as Carbonado, and is hailed as the toughest form of natural diamond. They are more porous than other diamonds and is an impure form of polycrystalline diamond.
Black diamonds are vastly different from the other diamonds. Due to the fact that it doesn’t have all the features like clarity, optical properties and lustre which we normally associate with diamonds, black diamonds were historically seen as something ugly. It is only in the recent past, that their popularity bloomed, and it has since, been garnering all its due respect and admiration. Black diamond ring, earrings, pendant, necklace, bracelet, engagement ring are now a craze not just amongst the common people but also amongst the famous personalities.
Atyaza Inc is home to a colossal number of jewelries in different gemstones. The jewelries in black diamonds have been one of our finest creations. We have beautifully designed ring, earrings, bracelet, pendant, necklace, eternity ring, engagement ring and even bridal set ring in black diamonds, and they are truly one of a kind creations.

The History and Lore of Black Diamond

The history of black diamond is as rich as the colour black itself. Though much of it is shrouded in mystery yet, according to a study black diamonds were probably discovered in 1840 by the Brazilians. They were then identified as carbonados. They were formed approximately 2.6 to 3.8 billion years ago. Since the time of their discovery, black diamonds have always been admired for their unusual profile.
Over time black diamonds formed different relation with different cultures. In Italy, the black diamonds were regarded as a stone of reconciliation between couples whose relationship had gone kaput. In India, black diamonds were seen as a curse as they mirror the eyes of spiders and snakes. According to a certain legend, when the Karloff Noir diamond, an 88 carat black diamond, is touched by a person, it brings good luck, happiness and fortune. Louis XVIII is said to possess a fine black diamond for which he presumably paid a hefty amount.
Documentation of the use of black diamonds in jewellery was found in a catalogue from 1839. As per the documents, Henry Philip Hope, an eminent collector of fine diamonds and gemstones mentioned a black round-brilliant diamond, 1.25 carats in size. The year 1851 saw the exhibition of a stunning black diamond of 350 carats, which was owned by Mr. Joesph Meyer. At around 1870, a black diamond was reportedly spotted at Charles Nephews & Co Jewellers of Calcutta. The Duke of Brunswick claimed to have 5 black diamonds in different sizes.
However, all through the 19th and 20th century, jewellers found the black diamond hard to cut and polish. They thought it was not suitable for use in jewelleries and were only ideal for industrial use. They were therefore shunned and widely dismissed as something useless. Black diamond regained its lost glory after jeweller Fawad Gruosi founder and head of the Swiss Jewelry house de Grisogono, revealed an impressive collection of black diamond jewellery and watches in 1996. Thanks to him, black diamond slowly started adourning more and more jewellery settings and today we have black diamond ring, earrings, bracelets, pendant, necklace, engagement ring, eternity ring and even bridal set ring.

How are the Black Diamonds Formed?

There are several theories on how the black diamonds were actually formed. Studies show that carbon isotopes of the black diamonds have traits of surface carbons and not of those found in the depth of the earth. According to some speculation, they travelled to earth through an asteroid. There is presumably evidence enough in the scientific community to believe that the black diamonds are from the outer space. Another strongly held belief is that they have been created by some sort of meteoric impact. Black diamonds have different carbon isotopes, are rich in hydrogen content and do not resemble the features of diamond mineralogy and these are enough to support the belief that they are of a cosmic origin. A new research also supports the belief that carbonado diamonds are formed in steller supernovae explosions. Black diamonds were said to be the size of asteroids when they first entered the earth.
Natural black diamonds are created by uneven black masses which are known as carbonados. Black diamonds are basically crystallized carbon and the colour black occurs due to the dark inclusions. They are created with the same materials as other diamonds though the black diamonds have more graphite inclusions in them. It can also be man-made when the white, colourless diamonds are treated at high temperatures or with radiation. Since they were once colourless, they do not possess any durability issues which normally the carbonado diamonds have. The name carbonado comes from their carbonised or burnt appearance. Those that are not created through radiation nor treated at high temperature are not only rare but are also very expensive.
Whether natural or man-made black diamonds are indeed a wonderful discovery. Their addition to the jewellery industry by designers have led to the availability of a range of exclusive and mesmerising rings, earrings, pendants, necklaces, bracelets, engagement rings, eternity rings etc.

Sources of Black Diamond

Extremely hard and breathtakingly beautiful, natural black diamonds are found predominantly in Africa, where Brazil is the major source of black diamonds though some are also found in the Central African Republic. They are naturally occurring carbondo diamonds with a poly crystalline structure. This only means that unlike one large crystal like white diamonds, these black diamonds have many small crystals.

Black Diamond Color and Properties

In a natural black diamond, the colour black is due to the existence of numerous inclusions which occur in a dense concentration. The inclusions are more of graphite, though there are traces of magnetite and hematite as well. The inclusions are the major contributing factor of the colour ‘black’ and because of this factor they do not receive any clarity grades. These diamonds are mostly opaque, though transparent areas can often be discerned when light shines through it.
Black diamonds are as hard as clear diamonds. Because of the presence of innumerable inclusions which occur in a dense concentration, cutting becomes a challenging factor and may end up creating small cavities on the surface. One should thereby take a close look of the surface, especially the table and table facets. A well-polished black diamond generally has a smooth surface with no visible blemishes.
Natural black diamonds and man-made diamonds are largely the two types, they can be further divided into cultured and enhanced black diamonds. Jewelries like rings, bracelets, earrings, pendants, necklaces etc can be found in both types.

Healing Properties of Black Diamond

Black diamonds protects the wearer against negative energies and against people who thinks ill of you. They are also known to protect one against psychic attack. They are also believed to protect one’s home against any kind of attack and fires. Black diamonds enhance the life of the wearer. It will bring about positive energies in your surroundings. It not only helps the wearer to grow and climb the ladder of success, but is also known to give him the power to take care of any physical illness. They act as a great healer for people with low self esteem. It strengthens one’s focus on love and makes their dreams a reality. It is known to endow the wearer the much needed peace of mind. Those who wishes to avail its benefits can get bespoke ring, earrings, bracelet, necklace or pendant. It is also an ideal gem choice for an engagement ring, eternity ring or bridal set ring.

The Collection of Black Diamond Jewelries at Atyaza Inc

There is much truth in the saying that ‘Black is the new White’. Black is basically a colour which gives birth to creativity. Ever since the recognition of the beauty and value of a black diamond, it has inspired creativity. Atyaza Inc’ jewelries of black diamonds alone and in combination with white or other colored diamonds are truly a masterpiece creation. Their durable nature, makes them an ideal choice for everyday wear. We have in our range of collection, uniquely created black diamond ring, black diamond earrings, black diamond bracelet, black diamond necklace, black diamond pendant, black diamond engagement ring, black diamond eternity ring and black diamond bridal set ring.
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