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Atyaza Inc is one of the top leading independent jewellers of Canada held in high esteem by its clientele. Specialising in custom jewellery offered at attractive rates, we remain dedicated to our customers without exception. In business since 2013, Atyaza Inc remains committed to its clients and patrons to date. We seek information and collect facts with the sole intention of helping you get an improved shopping experience. We have your best interests at heart as we communicate with you by inviting your participation in various contests, sales, exhibition and inaugurations. Our customers are the main pillars of our success and we do not want to jeopardise our relationship with you. We thus present you with the details of our privacy policy that is focused on privacy and protection of personal information that we may have sought from you. 


Kind of information that is collected by us


Your name, Address, Profession, email id. This is collected with your consent with the sole intention of keeping you informed about upcoming products and investor activities. You are sent email alerts periodically with the above-mentioned facts being used to reach you. 


Information collecting procedure


We gather all the required information from you when you choose to share your personal information with us by: -

·       Subscribing to our newsletters, emails and other communication

·       Calling us to inquire about our products or mailing us seeking clarification and information pertaining to our sales and discounts on offer

·       Having your personal details logged automatically by our server when you visit our online store 

·       You accept the cookies and we get to collect data via the mobile devices that use to access our web resource


We do not intend to seek sensitive information that might make you uncomfortable or get you in trouble. You will be duly warned before sharing information in order to keep highly personal information to yourself. Our team will not pressurise you to part for information either. You are free to refuse divulging any data that you do not wish to share. 


How do we use the information obtained from you?


We retain information about your name, address and contact numbers in our database whenever you visit our store and buy or sell a product. The information enables us to recognise you and note your preferences. We thus get an opportunity of presenting you with products that you are sure to be interested in. 


You may be directed to our website via a Google search and decide to navigate through the webpages. Our system automatically notes the IP Address of your device thereby helping us to learn about your location and browsing habits. 


We are happy to have you as a customer and hope to provide you with superior services so that you have no complaint. We will therefore ask your consent for sending emails periodically informing you about our products and any change in our policy. We would refrain from this practice if you are unwilling to receive emails from us. 


We ensure full protection of your information


We respect your right to information and will not divulge any information about you to a third party. We are strict about maintaining confidentiality. Access to your information is only permitted to team members who need to make use of specific data. We do not give out your information for money by selling or leasing the data. We remain compliant with the regulation of Canada with any breach being resolved in a court of law. Apart from the Canadian federal legislation, we also follow the Personal Information Protection and the Electronic Documents Act to enforce proper utilization of information. We are determined to follow the best practices in the industry. 


You need have no anxiety about making financial transactions either. Your credit card details will be encrypted via SSL and stored securely with an AES-256 encryption code. We do our best to follow PCI-DSS guidelines so that the possibility fraudulent activity during transfer of funds is remote. 


Changes in our Privacy Policy


We reserve the right to alter, modify and replace the content of our privacy policy at any time. So, do check it out frequently so that you remain aware of the impending changes that are sure to come into effect at the earliest. 




 If you need to update the personal information that we have or want to lodge a complaint or inquire about our products/services then you are welcome to contact us by shooting an email to our “Privacy Compliance Officer” at  You may also write to “Atyaza Inc”   

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