About Us


About Atyaza Inc


Founded in the year 2013, Atyaza Inc is one of the leading independent jewellers of Canada. Offering both off-the-rack and custom-made jewelries, our company is known in the city and outside for its fine jewellery and affordable pricing.

Our mission, as one of the recognized jewelers of Canada, is to bring you a flourishing array of mesmerizingly beautiful jewelries that ooze fine taste and trend.

We and our partners are passionate about jewelries that are rare and exquisite, and we know you share our passion on that count. So, we put together a collection of stunning diamond jewelries and engagement rings that will take your breath away in an instant.


Our Journey


Our story started not so long ago when we decided to form the company as a family business. Our humble beginning helped us understand the business better. 5 decades later, we still have the same objectives and value, only now we are bigger that when we started out.


Responsible Sourcing


With currently 50 years of experience under our belt, we cultivate transparency and sustainably. With a conflict-free future of this industry set in sight, we stick to responsible sourcing of our gemstones, diamonds and metal.

We import gems from merchants all over the world to keep variety a constant in our treasures. But we are equally picky about our partners as about the gems we add to our collection. Our team go above and beyond to source clean diamonds of the best grade.

Our clients admire us for being environmentally responsible and staunchly ethical in our business, and we strive to honor their trust in us by improving the standards every day.


Shopping with Us


We see to it that with us you have the best of shopping experience. Pick whatever you like from our catalogue and we assure you exceptional standards only. We guarantee satisfaction for personalized shoppers too.

Our designers, sketchers and craftsmen are always at your disposal, eager to coordinate with you in your project. Working closely with our clients, we have produced iconic designs for our buyers in our London studio. Our master jewelers bring these designs to life with finesse and precision that is comparable only with the best.

Online, our jewelry experts are always available to discuss about projects you have in mind. On the whole, all of our employees are committed to make your experience with us enjoyable, relaxing and as educational as possible.


Best Pricing


We don’t believe that just because it’s rare, it has to be astronomically costly. We believe in fair pricing, and that we maintain for all our jewelries, pre-made and custom-made both. We don’t believe that just because it’s an engagement ring, you have to cut a slack on your budget. To help you stay within your budget, we bring to you jewelries that are at once choice and affordable.

Even for custom orders, we work together with our clients guiding them every step of the way to make sure that they do not go beyond the set budget.

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