Diamond Mangalsutras


Hindu weddings have a traditional ritual where the bride wears the mangalsutra from the groom just like Christians have wedding rings. According to Hindu culture, Mangalsutra is considered a token of purity in relation, love, respect and honesty. Mangalsutras are beautiful necklaces worn by the married woman all day and everyday to respect the seven vows taken during the marriage.

These mangalsutra necklaces are crafted with very modern and stylish designs and craftsmanship by preserving it’s traditional importance. Mangalsutras are woven with it’s vintage pattern with gold and black beads and with diamond or gold pendants to look aesthetic and attract all the attention a bride deserves in her wedding. Mangalsutras are craved for their designs, diamonds and glossy metals like platinum, white gold and yellow gold which unitedly compliment each other, your outfit and most importantly you. Our skilled craftsmen are capable of creating any custom art-piece of mangalsutra to celebrate your auspicious day.

Our mangalsutra collection is based purely on the Hindu culture and it’s designs, so that you don't left out any element which could have created magic on your wedding day.

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