Jewelry Care

Jewellery Care

Jewellery has been a part of every culture and throughout history it has always acted as a symbol of power. Indeed, nothing can replace the immense significance it holds. A piece of jewellery cannot just transform your overall look, but can speak a lot about your personality too. Those who love jewelleries, have a great deal of sentimental value attached to the pieces. As objects of such emotional significance, they should be treated with love and care. While you may love to add more to your collection, you cannot simply dump them in a huge box and ignore their well being. If you value them you need to ensure that they receive your love and care in abundance. Given below is a comprehensive list of tips on how to take care of your precious jewelleries and keep them looking beautiful forever.

Wearing Tips:

  • Your jewellery needs to be pampered time and again. It hates the very idea of working day and night with you. So if you are into any kind of heavy physical labour, which can make jewellery susceptible to any untoward damage, open your jewellery before commencing such tasks.
  • Chlorinated water can cause adverse allergic reactions to jewellery. Hence, you should avoid wearing it while on your trip to the swimming pool and even the spas.
  • Cosmetics, lotions, perfumes, deodorant, hairspray are also hostile to your jewellery hence, wear your jewellery only after the application of these products.
  • Avoid wearing your jewellery to the gym or when you are indulging in any other rigorous sports activities.

Storage Tips:

  • Fabric-lined jewellery boxes are the safest options to store your precious jewelleries.
  • When travelling, use travel cases which are specifically designed for the purpose. It is recommended to buy a good travel case for jewellery in order to keep them safe and protected while on the move.
  • Some jewelleries of gold and silver tarnish if not worn for a long period of time. Though it cannot be completely prevented, one can take care by placing anti-tarnish strips which soak up the tarnish causing oxidants and prevent it from changing its colour.

Repairing Tips:

  • Jewellery should be properly inspected time and again to ensure that they are hale and hearty. This prevents the need for any major repairing later when the problem becomes bigger.
  • When in need of any repairing make sure you do not just hop into any jewellery store. It is advisable to go back to the same store where you got your jewellery from. If that is not possible, make sure you do your research on the particular store before stepping into it. Ask all the necessary questions concerning the repairing of your jewellery and find out if the store will genuinely cater to your needs in the rightful way.
  • After the repairing work is done, make sure you personally inspect the repairing work. Apart from ensuring that the necessary work has been done, make sure that the jewellery is cleaned and polished as well.

Special Care for Special Metals and Gemstones:

  • Coloured Gemstones: Jewelleries which contain coloured gemstones like topaz, emeralds, opals, and tanzanite are extremely fragile and delicate. Hence, if you own jewelleries with coloured gemstones, ensure that utmost care is taken to prevent any kind of damage. You can consider cleaning them with warm water, soft brush and mild soap. In addition, make sure that they are not put under direct heat or sunlight for a prolong period of time. They should also not come in direct contact with harsh chemicals and other chemical products as that might disrupt the polish of the gemstones.
  • Diamonds: Diamonds are said to be one of the hardest substances on earth, yet when susceptible to hard blows they too become prone to damage. Accidents do happen and hence care should be taken to avoid its interaction with certain chemicals or cosmetic products.
  • Pearls: Pearls are very sensitive and hence, it needs ample amount of care and attention. Never make the mistake of storing pearl jewellery along with other jewelleries as the very contact can damage your pearl jewelleries. The safest way to store pearl is to keep it in separate fabric pouches. Pearls should be occasionally wiped with a soft cloth which is safe for use on pearls. In fact, it is advisable to wipe clean after every wear, as it is quite likely that they may absorb the acid from the skin and lose the shine. In addition, pearls are also sensitive to heat and chemicals. Do not make the mistake of using chemical agents, ultrasonic cleaners, and harsh materials like brushes when cleaning pearls.
  • Gold and Silver: Though pure gold is resistant to acid, rust and discoloration, it can easily get dirtied by the oil and sweat on your skin, or through its interaction with body lotion, perfumes, cosmetic products etc. However, it is easy to take care of gold. Mild detergent, warm water and a soft brush are all you need to clean gold. Make sure you wipe it with a clean cloth after cleaning it in the water.
On exposure to air or on prolonged contact with water, bleach, chlorine or any cosmetic products, sterling silver oxidize or tarnish naturally. Store your sterling silver jewellery in airtight boxes or bags to prevent tarnishing and always clean it with 100% soft cotton cloth or better still, flannel cloth.
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